Tree of Plenty (TOP) Co-Op Helping Corporations

Have you gotten so big that you forgot how you got there? Did you follow, or did you lead? Have you forgot how it felt, and the rewards from “thinking outside the box?” We are here to return you to those wonderful days of yesterday.

Have surplus inventory? We have buyers and can turn your surpluses into money that you can use to purchase many of the products and services you use in the everyday operations of your business.

Some TOP advantages to your corporation: we will definitely minimize your losses from perishable goods, enable you to utilize excess production capacity, reduce storage costs for old inventory, tap into hidden assets, acquire or divest owned or leased real estate, enter new markets, extend geographic distribution, expand marketing/advertising budgets, increase export business, and reduce corporate purchasing costs.

For instance, your company has an underperforming asset, excess inventory, etc. TOP offers you a much better option than you currently have. With TOP you can avoid write-downs and write offs, selling through normal channels at a deep discount which could erode profits and potentially creating problems with dealers who purchased the product at full wholesale price, selling to a liquidator (at below cost), which would provide immediate cash but reduce profits, and risk damage to normal channels, and harming your company's image when off-price stores begin selling the product to the public.

What about a local, regional, national, or international advertising paid for with the income from your surplus inventory or additional sales? We can even make sure your surplus inventory will be sold outside of your normal markets. Even help you penetrate new markets and capture new business.

How about an additional credit line? How about one that you never have to worry about paying back? Sounds just too good to be true, yes it does, but in this case it is true.

You may be surprised to know that we have been creating and perfecting this incredible program which only requires a willingness on your part to open your mind to new ideas. Remember, minds are like parachutes, they do not work unless they’re open.

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