I have the distinction of being one of the first Accounts of OBMG and am really glad I took the chance and joined them. It has been exciting watching them grow from the start into what they are today. It has also been exciting having them bring me all the additional business during this time. I don’t want anyone telling me how to run my business, and I do not want to tell you how to run yours. But I will tell you if you are not utilizing OBMG you are really missing a good thing, and that thing is additional business and more profit, that’s OBMG.
Bill Long
Ocean Aire Conditioning, Inc.

It has been our pleasure to help the great people of the Tampa Bay area to make beautiful music for 14 years. And OBMG has been making beautiful music for us by bringing us additional sales for many of those years. So when you become an OBMG Account they will make beautiful music for you and you will enjoy additional sales and more profit. Oh yes, you pay only 10% cash commission on the additional business they send you. Now, is OBMG not beautiful music?
Kevin Abendroth
Music Matters

I first heard about OBMG from a business associate that I thought a lot of. I did my due diligence and was surprised at how effective the program was. It allowed me to make some improvements at my own home, and it has also brought me a number of new clients for my law practice with very little effort on my part. I highly recommend OBMG to any professional person who wants to increase their client base.
Richard T. Avis
Richard T. Avis, Attorney, LLC

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