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One thing the Accommodations & Travel Industries all have in common is they all deal in a potential but vanishing asset.

A room not sold tonight will never be sold tonight, a visitor that does not go to the amusement park today, will never go to the amusement park today, an airplane that takes off with a vacant seat today, will never fill that seat today, etc. The potential asset has vanished, never to return.

Even with the best of sales programs and sales persons that will happen.

Accommodation owners often speak of their percentage of occupancy, amusement park owners the number visitors, airline owners the percentage of seats filled, etc. Oh, but what about their percentage of vacancies, visitors that did not show up, and airline seats with no one in them? Just how much income do those produce, none because the potential asset has vanished.

Is there anything you can do to prevent this potential asset from vanishing? Yes! We have Members ready to use these vanishing assets and pay you TOP money. Remember, your fixed expenses remain almost the same, no matter if you are getting paid for those assets or not. So, you will only have a small additional expense if you accept TOP moneys.

How about an additional credit line? How about one that you never have to worry about paying back?

Do we have a magical program, no but it sure works like magic to keep your potential assets from vanishing. I feel sure you will be surprised to know that we have been using just such a program, a program that has been tried and proven since 1989. That is correct, perfecting this incredible program which requires a willingness on your part to open your mind to new ideas.

Why are the Accommodations & Travel Industries worldwide turning to TOP to convert some of their potential assets into real assets? TOP money will always be additional sales, never replacing existing cash sales.

We get you results, although not in the traditional method you've been used to. We pride ourselves on outside-the-box thinking.

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